2023-2024 review: stand-out moments and achievements

Watch our highlights video from a year packed with challenging and joyful learning and peak community moments putting ISB’s aspirational Mission into action.

Elementary School festival celebrates and shares the arts

For this CASTA video, we interviewed ISB’s youngest artists and found out how visual and performing arts are a key part of learning that is challenging and joyful.

Hi! Ni hao! Hola! Salut! ISB Language Week

Following this special week, here’s a video showing how languages and cultural diversity are a key part of the challenging and joyful learning at ISB.

Coffee mornings, Back to School Nights, charity sports matches, and distinguished guest speakers

ISB’s Strategic Plan formally identifies strong relationships as one of the school’s priorities. Here’s a look at how the numerous events that ISB organizes for parents support a welcoming, engaged community.

Semester 1 highlights video

Students, parents, and staff star in this highlights reel from a few months in which they really put ISB’s aspirational Mission into action.

When students run the assemblies

ISB’s Elementary School has given students input into planning assemblies and events where they present their challenging and joyful learning to classmates and parents.

Book Week at ISB

Here’s a video about how ISB’s literacy experts are using a range of initiatives to ensure challenging and joyful learning in this area.

2022-2023 review: stand-out moments and achievements

Watch our highlights video from a year in which the ISB community really put the school’s aspirational Mission and Vision and Strategic Focus Areas into action.

Mix It Up Lunches at ISB

ISB's Mix it Up Lunches challenges students to step out of their comfort zone and engage with others, helping to create a more inclusive learning environment.

CASTA Day is here!

ISB was filled with vibrant performances, creative art, and colorful tie-dye shirts today for ES's 18th annual Celebrate and Share the Arts festival!

EY3 students explore the community!

Our EY3 class's recent community explorations are a perfect example of how ISB prioritizes students’ social and emotional well-being.

An idea for a helping hand

Here’s a video about Student Helpers, a new group of Elementary School volunteers demonstrating the sense of purpose, compassion, and service found among ISB’s youngest learners.

ISB holds 25th Grade 2 Circus

Check out these fun photos from our Grade 2 Circus!

ISB's charity heroes get younger

Grade 5 students have been on a new range of field trips designed to empower them to purpose and compassion by learning through community service.

Photos – ISB welcomes the Year of the Rabbit

Events like this play a big role in the strong relationships found in the ISB community.

Why ISB has the best teachers

ISB’s Strategic Plan formally prioritizes continuing to find top-quality educators. Here’s how the school has been innovating in recruitment.

Online learning highlights

A top five of techniques and tech that faculty and classes have been enjoying in their virtual classes these past few weeks.

See, exchange, and stay informed on your children's learning

ISB prioritizes strong relationships and clear communication between school and home. Through Seesaw and DX, parents can engage with their children’s learning 24/7. Here are tips and videos on how to get the most from these online platforms.