An APAC tournament diary

Several ISB teams traveled for prestigious sports tournaments recently. Here’s an in-depth look at the challenges and joys just one of these groups experienced, providing a case study on the learning and empowerment that students get through co-curricular activity.

Flashback Friday: BEIMUN

This academic simulation of one of the world’s most important diplomatic organizations develops skills including critical thinking, public speaking, collaboration, and leadership.   

Flashback Friday: Wu Shu is back at ISB!

Starting in Season 3 ASAs, the Jackie Chan Stunt Team, founded in 1976, will be teaching interested ES and MS students Wu Shu.

Flashback Friday: Theater Productions at ISB

For this week's Flashback Friday, let us take a trip down memory lane of theater productions through the years.

Great Wall Shootout basketball tournament set to be slam dunk for ISB

Check out this promo video and infographic for a taste of the history, excitement, and achievement coming up on court from Thursday to Saturday.

How ISB students explore and discover their passions

ISB’s 2023-2024 co-curricular program is underway, offering sports, after-school activities, and service opportunities. The program is a major way ISB empowers students to purpose and compassion and provides learning that is both challenging and joyful.

2022-2023 review: stand-out moments and achievements

Watch our highlights video from a year in which the ISB community really put the school’s aspirational Mission and Vision and Strategic Focus Areas into action.

Meeting environmental commitments, inspiring green leaders

The third ISB Sustainability Impact Report gives an update on the school’s sustainability work – and how this work has empowered students to purpose and compassion.

ISB Middle School celebrates math competition achievements!

This week, ISB's MS assembly celebrated ISB’s cultural diversity and math competition highlights. 

CASTA Day is here!

ISB was filled with vibrant performances, creative art, and colorful tie-dye shirts today for ES's 18th annual Celebrate and Share the Arts festival!

Hogwarts High School show casts spell over ISB

The production set in ‘a certain school of magic and magic’ captivated audiences, allowed students to explore their passions, and provided challenging and joyful learning.

ISB swimmers make a clean sweep of ACAMIS Invitational victories!

Swimmers from the International School of Beijing (ISB) made a splash at the ACAMIS Invitational, being the overall champions in both the recent senior and junior meets.

APAC is back!

ISB athletes and fans lit up Shanghai last weekend for the first Asia Pacific Activities Conference since 2019. Here’s why the return of this Varsity sports showcase meant so much to China’s international school community and ISB’s goal of empowering students to purpose and compassion.

Photos – ISB welcomes the Year of the Rabbit

Events like this play a big role in the strong relationships found in the ISB community.

Q&A with ISB Sports Medicine Club Executives

Two Grade 12 Sports Medicine Club students talk about how their unique co-curricular activity empowers them to purpose and compassion.

Decisions, decisions. So many sports and activities to try at ISB!

In the co-curricular program that’s just launching for 2022-2023, students can explore and discover their passions. ISB’s new Strategic Plan has made a priority of using ISB’s rich resources to empower learners to purpose and compassion.

2022-2023 in news at isb

We’re freshening up our reporting on all the great things happening at ISB. Here’s how we’ll keep you informed this year with stories about challenging and joyful learning, student empowerment, and the strong relationships in our international community.

2021-2022 review: stand-out moments and achievements (part 2)

More highlights from an unusual year in which the ISB community has shown it is already living the school’s new Strategic Plan.