Congratulations to the Class of 2024, ISB's newest alumni!

After a school experience fostering social-emotional strength, academics, global citizenship, purpose and compassion, these students have exciting futures, with many poised for their dream courses at universities worldwide.

Elementary School festival celebrates and shares the arts

For this CASTA video, we interviewed ISB’s youngest artists and found out how visual and performing arts are a key part of learning that is challenging and joyful.

MS Student Socials: Building Relationships and Strengthening Community

The MS Socials serve as a refreshing reminder of the importance of balance, connection, and simply enjoying the company of friends. 

ISB Class of 2024 Senior Parade Video!

It's here, ISB: Class of 2024's Senior Parade Video!

Earth Month further elevates ISB as an environmental leader

Here’s a summary of some of the major activities still to come in this initiative in line with ISB’s pioneering commitment to sustainability.

Drum roll please, the third ISB Alumni Achievement Award goes to…

The award celebrates former students’ achievements and service and helps inspire current students with purpose and compassion.

Neurodiversity Celebration Week at ISB

Five days of activity showed the school’s commitment to inclusivity and its support for students with different learning profiles.

ISB Korea tour strengthens ties with country's top universities

ISB’s University & Career Advisors plus several school leaders made the trip to help more students secure admission to their dream university.

ISB community engages in bystander workshops to promote inclusion and respect

Through these interactive activities and thought-provoking discussions, we have become empowered to be active bystanders and to make a positive difference in the lives of those around us.  

Hi! Ni hao! Hola! Salut! ISB Language Week

Following this special week, here’s a video showing how languages and cultural diversity are a key part of the challenging and joyful learning at ISB.

ISB students enjoy mentorship meeting with alumni

This was the latest in a series of Pathways events and opportunities harnessing the value of the school’s strong alumni network to benefit current ISB students.

Chinese New Year of the Dragon at ISB

Check out this highlights video from the Chinese new year celebrations that students, families, and community members have just enjoyed at ISB.

Flashback Friday: Long Long's Song

With Long Long's Song and DRAGON SPIRIT!, we look forward to continuing old traditions and also creating new ones, that will all be part of ISB's legacy.

Experts, ISB community grapple with AI issues during second ISB Leadership Talk

Featuring alumni guest speakers, the talk series was established to foster community, provide challenging and joyful learning, and help students consider hot, real-world issues.

Coffee mornings, Back to School Nights, charity sports matches, and distinguished guest speakers

ISB’s Strategic Plan formally identifies strong relationships as one of the school’s priorities. Here’s a look at how the numerous events that ISB organizes for parents support a welcoming, engaged community.

Student-led assembly raises awareness of racism and bias

This was one example of ISB’s efforts to empower students with purpose and compassion while ensuring all are welcome in the school’s diverse community.

Semester 1 highlights video

Students, parents, and staff star in this highlights reel from a few months in which they really put ISB’s aspirational Mission into action.

When students run the assemblies

ISB’s Elementary School has given students input into planning assemblies and events where they present their challenging and joyful learning to classmates and parents.