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ISB Alumni Digest shows once a Dragon, always a Dragon

ISB is developing the greatest alumni network in Asia as part of its strategic focus on peer relationships among the school’s wider community. The new Alumni Digest newsletter is bursting with alumni highlights.

Another year of extraordinary IB exam results

ISB students continue to outperform global peers in the world’s toughest college preparatory course and enjoy bright, diverse futures, validating ISB’s focus on challenging and joyful learning, purpose and compassion, and relationships and internationalism.

2021-2022 review: stand-out moments and achievements (part 2)

More highlights from an unusual year in which the ISB community has shown it is already living the school’s new Strategic Plan.

Congratulations to the Class of 2022, ISB’s newest alumni!

These students have exciting futures ahead of them after Saturday’s graduation, with many poised to take up offers for their dream courses from universities worldwide.

Meet the alumni who returned to ISB as faculty

Can you guess which of these ISB classmates liked the school’s ethos so much that they’ve come back to campus to lead challenging and joyful learning like they enjoyed?

ISB students enjoy Alumni Pathways mentorship events

It’s been a successful first year for the new alumni mentor network guiding students in their options for further education and careers.

Drum roll please, the ISB Alumni Achievement Award goes to…

Presentation of the award will cap a year in which ISB’s Alumni Association has gone from strength to strength.

Introducing the ISB Alumni Achievement Award

Scheme will give recognition to past students who are thinkers and leaders in their field. There are plenty of candidates to choose from!

How ISB’s curriculum helped this alumni become an award-winning designer

A true jack of all trades, Austin Li, an ISB alumni, found his footing in his 10-plus years at the...

Why choose ISB: characteristics of the best international school

what makes an international school a great choice: A defined curriculum that prepares students for life after ISB.Graduates that matriculate to world-class colleges and universities.A rich and diverse co-curricular program to support students' passions.Facilities that are intentionally design to fulfill the needs of all who join our community.An extensive student support network with school counselors and a dedicated college and careers counseling team.A diverse community ready to welcome new families to Beijing.

Memory Book caps ISB’s 40th anniversary year

This is the stuff memories are made of. International School of Beijing (ISB) community members have a beautiful memento of the school’s 40th anniversary year in the shape of a Memory Book distributed to families, teachers, and staff this week.

On chalk, letterman jackets, and education: a chat with ISB’s next Head of School

By Lynnie C, Grade 11 (interview by Lynnie and Grade 11 students Emory S, Allen F) At approximately...

ISB’s alumni network – 'Once a Dragon, always a Dragon'

Having access to ISB’s alumni network is a valuable tool for both graduates and current students.  It’s also a great way for alumni families to stay connected and give back  to the school and enrich the  experience for the next generation of students. 

Students benefit from alumni expertise

By Sam Wong, ISB Alumni Relations The International School of Beijing (ISB) has one of the...

Alumni return to campus – online

By Sam Wong, ISB Alumni Relations International School of Beijing (ISB) alumni have enjoyed the...