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3 Reasons why Beijing is the best choice for expats with children

Why is Beijing the best city for expats? Discover 3 reasons why working at ISB can provide your family with an amazing experience.

How this ISB legacy cybrarian spends her weekend in Beijing

The decision to change your place of work is all-encompassing – especially when it includes a move....

Top places to visit in Beijing near ISB for families

Opting to work at a world-renowned international school may ensure both your schedule and your...

How ISB fosters a sense of community in its student body

At ISB, we care about the social and emotional lives of our students because we understand that students that feel valued and feel a part of the larger group experience a number of wonderful benefits.

What is the buddy system and how does it help your child transition into ISB?

A buddy system is a network of middle school students trained to help orient new students and share information that will help them settle into middle school.