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Why ISB has the best teachers

ISB’s Strategic Plan formally prioritizes continuing to find top-quality educators. Here’s how the school has been innovating in recruitment.

Online learning highlights

A top five of techniques and tech that faculty and classes have been enjoying in their virtual classes these past few weeks.

See, exchange, and stay informed on your children's learning

ISB prioritizes strong relationships and clear communication between school and home. Through Seesaw and DX, parents can engage with their children’s learning 24/7. Here are tips and videos on how to get the most from these online platforms.

How to get better at teaching? Ask your students

Research shows the importance of student perceptions in evaluating good teaching. As part of the school’s strategic focus on ensuring challenging and joyful learning, ISB students have had their latest opportunity to give feedback on their teachers.

A new chapter in literacy teaching

ISB’s Book Week is around the corner, and the school has a special focus on reading and comprehension this year. Read on for details of how ISB ensures challenging and joyful learning in this area, plus some tips on reading at home.

2022-2023 in news at ISB

We’re freshening up our reporting on all the great things happening at ISB. Here’s how we’ll keep you informed this year with stories about challenging and joyful learning, student empowerment, and the strong relationships in our international community.

Another year of extraordinary IB exam results

ISB students continue to outperform global peers in the world’s toughest college preparatory course and enjoy bright, diverse futures, validating ISB’s focus on challenging and joyful learning, purpose and compassion, and relationships and internationalism.

Congratulations to the Class of 2022, ISB’s newest alumni!

These students have exciting futures ahead of them after Saturday’s graduation, with many poised to take up offers for their dream courses from universities worldwide.

Why ISB chose to curate their own curriculum and how it benefits your child

Many schools around the world often use a set curriculum that has been tried and tested by others....

ISB’s curriculum is not only just American, here’s what it is.

In a traditional American classroom, learning is restricted to the American curriculum.   Now this...

Who’s the better teacher, Sage on the Stage or Guide on the Side?

The answer is one of the main reasons why classes today look very different to those experienced by the parents of current students.

Life Centered Education makes ISB a leader in inclusivity

Program for students with more intensive learning needs is the only one of its kind in Beijing. It’s empowered the ISB community since launch last year.

New accreditation to prove ISB's quality

ISB has just begun the journey to being reaccredited by independent experts. It’s a process that will take in the views of the entire school community.

ISB parents welcomed to campus for annual Back to School Nights

International School of Beijing (ISB) parents are getting a great chance to discover more about what their children are learning and ISB’s careful education philosophy at Back to School Nights (BTSNs) hosted on campus.

How ISB’s curriculum helped this alumni become an award-winning designer

A true jack of all trades, Austin Li, an ISB alumni, found his footing in his 10-plus years at the...

Why choose ISB: characteristics of the best international school

what makes an international school a great choice: A defined curriculum that prepares students for life after ISB.Graduates that matriculate to world-class colleges and universities.A rich and diverse co-curricular program to support students' passions.Facilities that are intentionally design to fulfill the needs of all who join our community.An extensive student support network with school counselors and a dedicated college and careers counseling team.A diverse community ready to welcome new families to Beijing.

Memory Book caps ISB’s 40th anniversary year

This is the stuff memories are made of. International School of Beijing (ISB) community members have a beautiful memento of the school’s 40th anniversary year in the shape of a Memory Book distributed to families, teachers, and staff this week.

STEM stars

Grade 8 students at the International School of Beijing (ISB) benefited from ISB’s alumni network and the expertise and generosity in its parent community at the launch of a guest speaker series on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) this morning.