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Decisions, decisions. So many sports and activities to try at ISB!

In the co-curricular program that’s just launching for 2022-2023, students can explore and discover their passions. ISB’s new Strategic Plan has made a priority of using ISB’s rich resources to empower learners to purpose and compassion.

3 Reasons why Beijing is the best choice for expats with children

Packing up your life to move to a new country can be both daunting and rewarding. Moving to the...

Meet and greets, Back to School Nights, and delicious coffee mornings

ISB’s new Strategic Plan formally identifies strong relationships as one of the school’s priorities. With a host of events on offer for parents this month, here’s a look at how ISB engages parents in its welcoming community.

2022-2023 in news at ISB

We’re freshening up our reporting on all the great things happening at ISB. Here’s how we’ll keep you informed this year with stories about challenging and joyful learning, student empowerment, and the strong relationships in our international community.

Another year of extraordinary IB exam results

ISB students continue to outperform global peers in the world’s toughest college preparatory course and enjoy bright, diverse futures, validating ISB’s focus on challenging and joyful learning, purpose and compassion, and relationships and internationalism.

2021-2022 review: stand-out moments and achievements (part 2)

More highlights from an unusual year in which the ISB community has shown it is already living the school’s new Strategic Plan.

3 Essential professional development opportunities to seek out at your next school

Over the past several decades, the education industry has witnessed tremendous professional growth...

35 years serving an international community

ISB will give a fond farewell to one of its most long-standing members of staff next week. Here’s how people make a community and communities make people.

2021-2022 review: stand-out moments and achievements (part 1)

Highlights from another unusual year in which the ISB community has shown it is already living the school’s new Strategic Plan.

How this ISB legacy cybrarian spends her weekend in Beijing

The decision to change your place of work is all-encompassing – especially when it includes a move....

Why choose ISB?: Stories from real faculty

When choosing the right school to call home, you may find yourself wondering, “why do I want to...

Congratulations to the Class of 2022, ISB’s newest alumni!

These students have exciting futures ahead of them after Saturday’s graduation, with many poised to take up offers for their dream courses from universities worldwide.

Top places to visit in Beijing near ISB for families

Opting to work at a world-renowned international school may ensure both your schedule and your...

Meet the alumni who returned to ISB as faculty

Can you guess which of these ISB classmates liked the school’s ethos so much that they’ve come back to campus to lead challenging and joyful learning like they enjoyed?

Busy period for ISB’s Chinese program

Fireworks and roaring dragons aplenty as students enjoy Chinese Panda Reading Week and excel in writing competitions.

Why ISB is the best choice for teachers in China

ISB is an extraordinary school built on the tradition of educational excellence. With a vast...

ISB students enjoy Alumni Pathways mentorship events

It’s been a successful first year for the new alumni mentor network guiding students in their options for further education and careers.

ISB’s annual High School Awards winners

These are model ISB students for their achievements in the classroom, in service, and as global citizens.