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Dragons have a blast at the ISB Gala

Community members came together for a resplendent evening celebrating and strengthening the strong relationships that help define ISB.

An idea for a helping hand

Here’s a video about Student Helpers, a new group of Elementary School volunteers demonstrating the sense of purpose, compassion, and service found among ISB’s youngest learners.

ISB holds 25th Grade 2 Circus

Check out these fun photos from our Grade 2 Circus!

ISB's charity heroes get younger

Grade 5 students have been on a new range of field trips designed to empower them to purpose and compassion by learning through community service.

APAC is back!

ISB athletes and fans lit up Shanghai last weekend for the first Asia Pacific Activities Conference since 2019. Here’s why the return of this Varsity sports showcase meant so much to China’s international school community and ISB’s goal of empowering students to purpose and compassion.

Myth busters

Could Rapunzel’s hair really have lifted the prince? ISB Seniors studying biology, chemistry, physics and other sciences investigated many such popular questions as they united for a great example of challenging and joyful learning.

Photos – ISB welcomes the Year of the Rabbit

Events like this play a big role in the strong relationships found in the ISB community.

Why ISB has the best teachers

ISB’s Strategic Plan formally prioritizes continuing to find top-quality educators. Here’s how the school has been innovating in recruitment.

ISB Alumni Digest shows once a Dragon, always a Dragon

ISB is developing the greatest alumni network in Asia as part of its strategic focus on peer relationships among the school’s wider community. The new Alumni Digest newsletter is bursting with alumni highlights.

Online learning highlights

A top five of techniques and tech that faculty and classes have been enjoying in their virtual classes these past few weeks.

Strategic Focus Areas in action

In one week, ISB students and faculty demonstrate all three of the school's new Strategic Focus Areas.

See, exchange, and stay informed on your children's learning

ISB prioritizes strong relationships and clear communication between school and home. Through Seesaw and DX, parents can engage with their children’s learning 24/7. Here are tips and videos on how to get the most from these online platforms.

How to get better at teaching? Ask your students

Research shows the importance of student perceptions in evaluating good teaching. As part of the school’s strategic focus on ensuring challenging and joyful learning, ISB students have had their latest opportunity to give feedback on their teachers.

Students help design ISB rooftop garden!

International School of Beijing students help design the school's new rooftop garden as part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability and providing hands-on learning experiences.

A new chapter in literacy teaching

ISB’s Book Week is around the corner, and the school has a special focus on reading and comprehension this year. Read on for details of how ISB ensures challenging and joyful learning in this area, plus some tips on reading at home.

Q&A with ISB Sports Medicine Club Executives

Two Grade 12 Sports Medicine Club students talk about how their unique co-curricular activity empowers them to purpose and compassion.

Decisions, decisions. So many sports and activities to try at ISB!

In the co-curricular program that’s just launching for 2022-2023, students can explore and discover their passions. ISB’s new Strategic Plan has made a priority of using ISB’s rich resources to empower learners to purpose and compassion.

3 Reasons why Beijing is the best choice for expats with children

Why is Beijing the best city for expats? Discover 3 reasons why working at ISB can provide your family with an amazing experience.