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Why should I choose the IB Programme?

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) is internationally recognized and ultimately helps foster growth in the whole child.

It encourages students to think independently and drive their own learning; it empowers them with purpose and compassion; it provides an education that can lead students to the university of their choosing; it helps them become culturally aware and communicate effectively with people in an increasingly globalized, rapidly changing world.

The benefits of the IB are plentiful, but rather than try to tell you ourselves, we’ve enlisted the help of two ISB graduates, Isabella Bernell and Tony Huang, to give their perspectives and answer the question, “Why should I choose the IB Programme?”

Three reasons to choose the IB Programme

Ms. Bernell graduated from ISB in 2019 and is currently at the University of San Diego studying International Business. Mr. Huang also graduated from ISB in 2019; he is studying film production at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Art.

Both graduates credit their time at ISB, and specifically studying the IB, as helping prepare them for a successful future.

“ISB taught me how to be a member of a community,” says Mr. Huang. “ISB, as a group of international students, parents, and teachers, is a microcosm of the world.”

Specifically, when asked, “Why should I choose the IB Programme?” the two outlined three benefits.

1. The IB Programme prepares you for post-secondary education

According to both graduates, the IB not only prepared them for post-secondary education, it also helped them get into university.

According to a study by the Higher Education Agency (HESA), an official UK body for data processing on higher education, the IB is a wise decision for students wishing to study at one of the UK’s top 20 higher education institutions. By graduating with an IB Diploma from their high school, they have a greater chance of gaining admission than applicants with similar qualifications.

“The IB was hard and there was so much work that in comparison, it makes college seem much easier,” says Ms. Bernell.

Mr. Huang echoed this sentiment and described the challenge within the IB as preparing him for anything life could throw his way.

“It was also a rigorous program, and I had learned that it would prepare me well for university. Many of my friends who had completed the IB DP told me that it was harder than [the first year of] college. Knowing this, I wanted to take on the challenge because I thought, ‘If I can get through IB, then I can get through anything’.”


2. The IB Programme teaches you the skills for life

In addition to preparing them for post-secondary education, the IB also helped both Ms. Bernell and Mr. Huang build the skills necessary for life.

The program teaches students how to research and write an essay effectively and efficiently at a college level.

“[Taking the IB] at ISB prepared me quite well,” says Mr. Huang. “It taught me how to manage my time and work effectively. It taught me the essential skills I needed in university, like research, writing, and other tools that can help me be a lifelong learner.”

3. The IB Programme helps students become citizens of the world

The IB not only prepares students extensively for post-secondary education – and whatever comes after – it also helps students become citizens of the world.

The program does so by exposing students to languages, literature and world history, by fostering international awareness and by opening students’ eyes to global issues.

According to Mr. Huang, this global exposure gave him the perspective necessary to feel comfortable in a college environment.

“When I first arrived in college, I felt a complete culture shock,” he says. “I was suddenly put into an American college with American students and living in American culture. I don't think I would have been able to adjust to the culture if I hadn't completed the IB. The international outlook I gained made me feel like a citizen of the world, rather than of a single country. Combined with internationalized teaching at ISB, I felt like I would be able to belong no matter where in the world I lived.”

Programs like the IB require innovative, positive learning environments, and ISB is a great example of this type of facility. Click the link below to learn more about our school.


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