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What are the benefits of an IB World School?

What any parent wants for their children is to provide them with the best tools for success.

International Baccalaureate (IB) World Schools are schools authorized to offer IB programs. They give your children access to high-quality teachers and value their commitment to the professional development of faculty.

And that is why we are proud to be an IB World School. It’s a program that helps develop the whole child, empowering our students with purpose and compassion.

“Through the IB, our students develop skills, attitudes, and dispositions through a variety of individual and group experiences that provide them with opportunities to explore their interests and express their passions, personalities, and perspectives,” says Belinda McRoberts, our IB Diploma Coordinator.

In addition to serving your children, the IB also has benefits for teachers and schools.

Benefits of an IB World School for students

An IB World School is beneficial for students because of the unique form of education. At ISB, our IB students have the opportunity to make connections across traditional academic disciplines and explore the nature of knowledge through the program’s unique Theory of Knowledge course.

Students at ISB who opt to study the IB not only have an enhanced academic experience, they have developed their personal and interpersonal development.

IB students:

  • Are encouraged to think independently and drive their own learning.
  • Are diverse and empowered with purpose and compassion.
  • Take part in programs of education that can lead them to the university of their choosing.
  • Become more culturally aware, through the development of a second language.
  • Are able to engage with people in an increasingly globalized, rapidly changing world.

Students worldwide also choose to study the IB because it prepares them for post-secondary education.

“[The IB was] flat out the best college prep I could have ever imagined. While my new friends and classmates were struggling through the first few weeks and months of engineering at a top university, I felt right at home with the rigor of the IB program,” says ISB alumnus Christopher Nobre.

Benefits of an IB World School for teachers

IB World Schools are excellent places for teachers to work.

Specifically, at ISB, we have so many different courses available to students that teachers have continuous opportunities to learn and grow in order to teach those programs.

“We have significant professional development resources allocated for teacher preparation and continued training. Because of the number of students we have in those courses, we have teams of teachers working in most of those subjects, thus providing a great collaborative environment to work in and learn from,” says Ms. McRoberts.

Teachers working at IB World Schools earn university-recognized qualifications and have access to high-quality professional development.

Teachers gain:

  • High-quality professional development that encourages critical thinking, self-reflection, and dedication to lifelong learning and continuous improvement.
  • Innovative and diverse education frameworks, unit planners, teaching resources, and evaluation tools.
  • Certification and degree programs offered by highly respected universities worldwide.
  • A pedagogy known to produce students who are motivated to continue inquiry and lifelong learning, beyond school study.

These attributes attract high-quality teachers, and also inspire them to keep learning once part of the school.

Benefits of an IB World School for schools

IB World Schools ensure high-performing students, and therefore inherently have a strong academic profile. These schools receive program support and can provide faculty with stimulating professional development.

IB World Schools gain access to:

  • The high-quality program supports the development of knowledgeable and inquiring students.
  • Professional development that supports effective educators and collaborative professional learning communities.
  • A worldwide network of highly respected IB World Schools, working together to share best practices.

The IB benefits all those involved, as Ms. McRoberts makes clear.

“IB alumni return to visit ISB with stories confirming that the IB provided them with the necessary tools needed to succeed at college, not only academic preparedness but also self- confidence, research skills, and time management. Parents like that IB students graduating with the IB Diploma are able to study at universities all around the world, often with advanced credit. And teachers like that students develop a sense of the world around them and their responsibility to it,” says Ms. McRoberts.

We invite you to learn more about our IB World School by clicking the link below.



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