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5 ways to get involved with the PTA at ISB

As a new member of the ISB community, you may be wondering about the best way to get involved with your child’s school and meet other families.

Joining parent organizations is a great way to get involved while also staying up to date with what’s happening in your child’s life. Numerous studies have shown the benefits children experience when their parents are actively involved in their education, including improved academic performance, less anxiety and stress, and improved overall happiness. 

Joining organizations such as the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) at ISB will help you get involved, meet new people, and make connections in your new home.  A welcoming and diverse community is one of the characteristics of the best international school. Click here to find out what makes a great international school.

The mission of the ISB PTA is to foster a sense of community, build school spirit, promote enthusiasm for learning, and encourage students to contribute positively to society.

Membership is automatically conferred to all ISB parents and faculty. We spoke with ISB PTA President Sue Wang to discover five easy ways to get involved. 

“I think there’s no better way to get involved in your child’s education and know what’s happening in school than by participating in the PTA,” says Ms. Wang. “[It] can be a way for you to more effectively suggest change at school. You’ll be part of the solution, helping make positive changes.” 


Volunteer at events

At ISB there is never a shortage of events and activities you could participate in. Volunteering can be a fun way to get involved with the PTA while also supporting your child in their academic endeavors. 

“By volunteering as a PTA member, you’ll be demonstrating to your child the importance you place on education and contributing to creating a safe and good learning environment for them,” says Ms. Wang.

Volunteers are always needed at events such as hosting a refreshment stand for coaches and athletes, selling concessions during arts and sporting events, hosting receptions and more. 


Attend PTA meetings

These meetings are a way to better understand what goes on at school and will improve communication between you and your child, as well as you and your child’s teacher.

“By involving more in school, you’ll learn more of your child’s surroundings and be more understanding, accepting, and respectful of your child,” says Ms. Wang.

And don’t forget don’t be afraid to speak your mind. The PTA is one of ISB’s first stops when looking for honest and constructive feedback from parents; if you want your opinions heard, the PTA is essential. 


Participate in annual events

ISB hosts a number of exciting events every year that require a team of dedicated volunteers to help out. Our International Day and Spring Fair are just two of the many events ISB hosts every year your family could enjoy. They bring together the whole community and offer a chance to meet other families and build strong relationships.


Make connections with other families

The PTA is a great resource for new families to ISB they are involved in supporting new family orientation, so as a new family you may already have had the opportunity to meet some members and experienced the warmth of our community. 

Ms. Wang advises that the PTA is one of the surest ways to make connections. As a volunteer at events supported by the PTA, you’ll meet other families like yours, who understand your shared experiences and challenges as parents. 

For new students to ISB, we pair them up with a friend to help them settle into our community. Learn more about the Buddy System at ISB and how it helps your child feel at home at ISB. 


Use your existing skills

Not a good baker? No need to worry, or to volunteer for providing food for a bake sale. If you have a talent you want to share with other young and eager minds, be it chess, basketball, cross-stitching, painting, fishing, etc, there is a place for you to showcase it at ISB. 

Parents are welcome to share their hobbies and interests with the broader ISB community and create more value within. 

“The PTA’s work can also have a huge impact on raising the profile of the school and enriching students’ experiences,” says Ms. Wang. But in order to do so, parents need to get involved with the PTA and share their skills and experiences. 


The PTA is just one of the ways ISB offers the best international school experience in Beijing. Inquire now and learn how you can become a member of our vibrant community. 

ISB is an extraordinary school, made so by a tradition of educational excellence spanning 40 years. Establishing, nurturing, and growing such an exceptional learning community has been and remains intentional; we work hard to build strong relationships so our learning is at its best.

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