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Monday Memory: Student Council

By Sam Wong, ISB Alumni Relations, and Nick Yates, ISB Communications

In 1986, International School of Beijing (ISB) students asked to have more say on issues concerning them at school. The appeal went to principal Scott Chambers, who accepted the proposal to form the ISB Student Council (STUCO).

The first STUCO was comprised of nine students (pictured) from Grades 6 to 9. Take a bow Emily Hutchinson (president of the new body), Kevin Wilson, Christine Woodhouse, Pam Wiley, May Pini, Ivan Evelyn, Marcus Hayakawa, Gautam Varma, and Arun Ranganathan.

Four decades later, ISB’s STUCO has grown into a council each for High School (HS) and Middle School (MS).

HS STUCO has 21 representatives, with five in each grade and an extra member in the Senior class. They have their own STUCO constitution and are guided by their mission of promoting a positive High School experience for all students. Through representation, teamwork, consensus building, and event planning, STUCO gives students a practical place to learn lifetime leadership and collaborative skills. 

“It is always an honor to play an active role in and outside of the campus, and I am sure that STUCO will only continue to grow in its contributions within ISB,” said Senior class representative Austin L.

The MS and HS STUCOs organize a variety of annual community events, from Middle School charity campaign Smile Week, which provides corrective surgeries for children with cleft lips and palates, to the High School’s infamous hip-hop festival. These students also have the responsibility of liaising with school administrators and advocating for the larger student body.

We are proud of all the work STUCO has done over the four decades of ISB. In 2020-2021, everyone is invited to join in celebrating the school’s 40th anniversary through a range of events. Check out  the Celebrating 40 web page for more details. Thank you to everyone who has submitted photos and memories of ISB and made this series of articles possible. Look out for some of the photos and memories being included in the upcoming Celebrating 40 Exhibition.

ISB is an extraordinary school, made so by a tradition of educational excellence spanning 40 years. Establishing, nurturing, and growing such an exceptional learning community has been and remains intentional; we work hard to build strong relationships so our learning is at its best.

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