Unity in Community: The Importance of Togetherness at ISB


At the International School of Beijing (ISB), we are proud to stand as a beacon of holistic education, where academic excellence and the well-being of our students work together to deliver world-class education and impactful experiences for all members of our community. The rich diversity of cultures, nationalities, and life experiences that can be found within our international community is not just a background feature; it’s the heartbeat of our educational philosophy. As one of the best international schools in Beijing, our commitment to unity in community can be found in every facet of our school experience.


Holistic Wellness in a Diverse Community 

At ISB, the community isn’t just about people; it’s a feeling, a home away from home. This sense of belonging and spirit of understanding and acceptance is the common identity we hope all people at ISB share. Our families come from all over the world - ISB currently represents 60 nationalities - and it’s this diversity that mirrors our commitment to embracing and celebrating the differences amongst the student body, their families, our faculty, and staff. 

We believe that diversity makes us stronger and contributes to a vibrant, environment where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. It enriches every aspect of our school life, from the classroom to co-curricular activities to events, fostering a global outlook among our students that they carry with them throughout their lives. 

Programs focusing on social and emotional learning, alongside a challenging and joyful  curriculum, ensure a balanced lifestyle for all. ISB's commitment to holistic wellness is evident in its world-class facilities, like the Fitness and Tennis Center, which is open to the whole community, and our robust Wellness program for employees. These initiatives underscore the school's dedication to the physical and emotional well-being of the whole community, just one piece of the puzzle for nurturing holistic well-being for all.

Engaging Parents in the ISB Community

The involvement of parents is a vital part of creating an inclusive environment for our students to thrive. Parents contribute significantly in this area, leading activities and participating in school events and activities. This engagement not only supports their children’s education but also strengthens the fabric of our community, contributing to making ISB a home away from home for many families. 

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The positive impact of parental involvement can be felt in a multitude of ways. For students, they grow up in a multicultural environment and learn from a young age to celebrate and honor our differences and to see them as a strength. For parents, they find a community of people going through similar challenges they are experiencing: finding a community far away from home, settling into a new country, and finding the comfortable in the uncomfortable. A strong school-to-home relationship is vital for all involved, and our faculty and staff benefit when they have an open channel of communication with their students’ families nurtured by a community that consistently strives to attain holistic well-being for all.

“Being involved peels back the curtain and gives us as parents full transparency. It helps me be better at engaging with my children if they need support with their schoolwork,” says Dana Lattanzio, our current PTA President.

Dana, who has been a part of the ISB community for six years, five of those involved with the PTA Executive Committee and the last two years as PTA President, knows exactly what parents are experiencing, having lived it herself alongside her husband and their three daughters. 

As the current President of the PTA, Dana warmly welcomes parents to find ways to engage with our community, be it by participating in or volunteering for events, acting as a Homeroom Parent, getting involved with the PTA, or stopping by campus for coffee hangouts with other parents. 

Expanding the Community Through Events and Activities

Community events, activities, and partnerships are a cornerstone of the ISB experience. We encourage all our families to get involved in whatever capacity they can because we know that these collaborations bring enriched experiences to all. Events like International Day, a popular hit at ISB, and the Spring Fair, which had 5,000 attendees last year, demonstrate ISB’s commitment to celebrating our diverse backgrounds and experiences. 

Dana says of International Day, “It's a day full of parades, and everybody wears their country’s national garb. We do a huge parade outside, and then we come inside the school, and it becomes a celebration of food, music, and entertainment. You could eat for days”. 

With over 20 cultural booths, our recent International Day was a huge success. Not only did it bring the community together, it also created a valuable opportunity to showcase the richness of our diverse international community at ISB. 

“A student might look Chinese, but he actually lived in Portugal for many years, and that's where his culture is; his heart is Portuguese culture. International Day is really eye-opening to be able to showcase that for families who might not have known that we have that much diversity at the school,” says Dana. “It trickles down to the students, too, to be able to appreciate and celebrate somebody else's culture.”

ISB's Community is Stronger Together

ISB is more than a school; it's a community where every member, from students to parents, plays a pivotal role in nurturing a culture of understanding, compassion, inclusivity, and collaboration. The essence of ISB's community spirit lies in our ability to provide a sense of unity in community and support, especially when families are navigating the complexities of life abroad. 

From Dana’s perspective, her family’s international expat experience at ISB has shaped her children’s lives in unforgettable ways.

“Their passports have some pretty impressive stamps. Being in an international school, they see a lot of diversity and differences in culture at every turn in the hallway. When we travel, they might marvel at the scenery or what we're seeing, and yet it doesn't feel totally unfamiliar to them to see people that don't look like them and don't speak the language they speak and eat the food that they eat. It's pretty remarkable that they have kind of a broader initial acceptance. They are familiar in the unfamiliar.”

This enduring spirit of unity in community is a guiding principle and a lived experience that shapes the holistic learning journey of every child at ISB.

Find Your Dragon Spirit at ISB
Find unity in the ISB community of international families. Click here to inquire about joining the ISB community today. 

ISB is an extraordinary school, made so by a tradition of educational excellence spanning 40 years. Establishing, nurturing, and growing such an exceptional learning community has been and remains intentional; we work hard to build strong relationships so our learning is at its best.

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